Saturday, May 30

i'm new here

4 the first time eva, i've my own blog.. some people might think that i'm quite left behind, but i try my best to fit into the world of ICT... since i'm new here, i might not very good in this. normal la, if people exposed 2 a new thing, he @ she might tergedek2 a lil bit right??? so do i... hmm, i just trying to see how the blog progress.. so, nothing much to tell.. i feel so sleepy now coz last night i had battle on my bed (dont think dirty). i had to finish all my h/works given by my "beloved" teachers.. since my juz had the teacher's day the day be4 yest, so i had 2 nice with my teacher.. ONLY ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY.. I grinned to them when i got the tasks, though my heart was frying (sometime feel like nak hangus dah).. watever it is, they r still my cikgus.. 2 all cikgus all over m'sia,

ok, now i,m going 2 take my nap.. be4 that, ........bace doa....... salam

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