Tuesday, October 11

On track again


After a while without updates, InsyaAllah, I am back to continue my work here. (more or less you can call it a WORK..). YEAH!! The first semester of the year had ended by the 3rd to be exact, after the last paper Chemistry 2. Overall, the semester filled with 'things' and experiences..

Beforehand, I would like to seek for apology from all visitors who MIGHT be waiting for any updates and ended up with the mess of the blog. YES! It was a mess back then. I was looking for time for doing my blog, and it left with no trace of improvements. I was quite busy lately with MRC thingies, programes here and there. And the latest was Mahallah Training held at Pangkor Island.

Actually, I'd like to wrap up a lil bit about the semester and since "the fingers say YES and the brain says NO" things pop out from my mind, it seems like nothing much I could do about it. hehe.. InsyaAllah, I'll update about activities before I become busier after this, in a week time (Thanks to Pesta Sukan IPTIM). And thanks for viewing. Sorry guys for disappointing you.. =(

wallahu a'alam


Farhana Fakhira said...

kau join iptim ? committe ke ? ke sports semua bagai tu

nazrin syafiq said...

jd komiti je.. malas aku nak join sport semua tu..


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