Monday, August 31

singgah jap

lamanya dah tak masuk blog sendiri... i was so busy by this time.. yalah, i have 2 face 2 trial.. 4 weeks in a row.. mana tak botak kepala aku.

i have to maintain my results or to get better 4 scholarships.. i damn need that. i am not that choosy in applying scholarships... asal dapat jadilah.. what is the most important is that i wanna fly abroad. to further my study (plus melancong-ing, have fun, flirting.. it makes sense, but i am not that type of person).. i just got back from my kampong in melaka.. met all my relatives.. i had a good-lenghty conversation with abg irul, a friend of my uncle... he is 25 (to be) on this saturday.. fell on the same day of my birth date... of course, not the year..

we talked on life after spm... i paid my fullest attention (with "desire" to know)... actually it is quite hard to achieve ones ambition. they need to sacrifice a lot of things along the journey.. fuhh!!

o!!! before i 4get, i wanna wish selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak to all hope this ramadhan will grant us more n more pahala from HIM.. a week in ramadhan at house is quite tough 4 me as i had forbid myself from sneaking in the kitchen.. hehehehe.. i wont do that.

emmm.. actually i have go back to my hostel today... i mean after this.. so to all my "fans"... my for my comeback..

before that, my last words (macam nak mati plak rasenya)..



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