Saturday, June 18

be clean-lah, guys!

when you first step into a guy's house or hostel, normally you would be saying, "is this so-called a house??" or maybe you might be wondering, "hey guys, where's your house actually?? (instead of being in a 'HOUSE') See!! guys, you ( i mean, WE) should take a little care of the hygienic matters.

am not discriminating any genders or any races, i just wanna make a little advising to guys out there, and of course, 'GUYS' is referring to the MALES. i am not shock that you guys might utter me a who-are-you-trying-to-teach-me-about-cleanliness kind of question because most of the questioners are not yet realize the importance of cleanliness.

"hey, i take bath everyday, even thrice a day if you might ask. what more to be cleaned huh??"

relax dude. you might look handsome, pretty, gorgeous or what so ever when you are outside. but as i stated above, your handsomeness may not as it is when you're in your own place. i'm not saying that you should wear smartly when you're going to sleep (imagine people are off to bed in a tux.. hihi). what i mean here is, guys shouldn't only look good at outsides, but also when they're in their places, which refers to the ENVIRONMENT OF THEIR PLACES.

yeah. environment. the condition of your own house. most of guys I've met did't really take into account when they are hanging their clothes.

'der, kalau lu nak sidai baju, pergilah sidai kat ampaian. jangan lah sidai dekat katil, pastu bila dah takde tempat nak sangkut, lu sangkut dekat dinding yang ada paku2 tu. wa dah rasa macam kat rumah bangla tau tak.. hygienic la sikit der. kalau kering wa boleh tahan lagi, ini baju lepas basuh tu lu sidai. perrrggghh!! wa rasa macam nak campak je baju lu.."

this kind of thing might happen in someones head when they're off limit. i think it's a common sense. people don't hang their after-wash clothes in their own house or at their bed. plus, it won't dry and another plus, it could spread some skin diseases. think guys, think! think about the people that have to bear your wet yet "clean" underpants hung at the wall. so, utilize the 'ampaian' to the fullest ok??

next, have you step into a guy's house or it may be your own house that the floor or the tile is like the feeling of stepping on a full sand beach of DUST?? yeah... kinda like you are in a dumped house that's left for thousands of years. guys out there. take note please.

do sweep your house. never think of calling your mom every weekend to sweep for you. and yes. for those who don't know how to sweep, people use this thing when sweeping.

a broom and a scoop.
broom is a device that is swing mildly back and forth as the 'bulu' sweeps away all the dust in the scoop.

actually, they are many things that i wanna share about guy's cleanliness. try to apply and implant the steps above in your guy's life. i am sure that girls out there don't like the old you. they want the new brand of you, the clean kind of guys. ok guys?? so long...


aRinarRe said...

Good to know that this post is by a male :DD THANKS!

nazrin syafiq said...

yeah.. sometimes WE "of certain hygienic males" hate those guys yg x reti nak jaga self-cleanliness... cam sengal je..


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