Friday, June 24

MRC: Interview


aku baru je lepas pergi interview untuk MRC tadi kat Mahallah Office. CEH! aku ingatkan kat AMF ke.. penat je pergi situ. untuk sesi kali ini, aku tak mengharapkan untuk post yang tinggi. jadi biro bawahan pun jadilah. senang nak fokus study, yedak?? tapi segalanya akan semakin berlakunya perubahan lepas je aku keluar dari meeting room tadi.. al-kisah..

selepas dah masuk, bagi salam semua tu, aku dipersilakan duduk di hadapan principal dan 3 staff dan fellow..

principal: ok nazrin. let's straight to the point. we're now having 2 ex-MRCs from last session. and we're offering post of president to both you and azfar. all the lower bureaus are not the issue to be discussed with you two. so, what say you??

(HAH!!! Totally dumbfounded..)

aku: ehmmm.. actually, i'm not that hoping to be elected as a president because i'm kinda person who can't control too much stress. and what i expected is that, the highest that i can go is secretary. not higher than that.

staff 1: but when looking at your profile that we have, you had some high-rank positions in your previous school. then, how come you say that you can't manage too much of a stress??

(errr.. kantoi sudah...)

principal: fine with that. what reason can you give to second your choice?

aku: frankly speaking, i preferred to work with papers rather than people because i'm not that kind of person that can manage my 'people' excellently. so, that's why i tend to choose secretary.

staff 2: but i can see you are quite warm with us though this is my first time meeting you. (with kind of psycho-ing face..)

(errr.. again. kantoi lagi. )

principal: but i can see some sort of leadership in you that you can go with such post. we're not working alone, but as a team. for instance, when we're handling programs, we work as a team. bukan sorang2 je.. so, you have to believe in yourself that work as team make loads lighter. do you understand me??

aku: *nodded with full of butterflies in the stomach..*

fellow: and you can maintain your CGPA up to 3.77 as well and at the same time, you were in MRC. how's that you can manage to get such CGPA compared to A**AR?

aku: ehmm.. actually, for me, when we're learning we should put our studies first before other things. and that kind of attitude towards education should every student possess to achieve excellent result... plus, efforts are extremely important.. (apa aku merepek pun aku x perasan..)

principal: ok. let's jump to the conclusion. from 1 to 10, can you give full commitment in MRC?

aku: aaahh... insyaAllah, i'll give my best in MRC. out of ten, nine perhaps.

staff 2: nine? where's another 10% had gone?

aku: like i said before, my choice in MRC is to be a secretary as my highest post. lower posts are preferable. (grin..) so, that 10% had gone because of the post you offered me. if secretary, insyaAllah i can give my 100% commitment.

principal: but, nazrin. you have to understand that when we're in teams, we can't run from having syura' and we have to accept what people have decided in syura. (ni ayat nak psycho ni...) and i believe that you are also understand that syura plays a big role in an organisation. and if syura decides to choose you as a president, what say you??

aku: *soalan maut ni...* ehm, for me, i believe in syura and what has been decided must be obeyed. and if that is for me, i've accept that professionally. but, if can. by any chance, i prefer not to be a president. let it goes to A**AR.

principal: ok. i think that are all. so, just wait for what syura will decide. off you go. wassalam..

actually, ada panjang lagi. ni aku amek point penting yang aku ingat tadi je.. warrrgghhh!!! gila kowt kalau aku jadi president. bengkak kepala ni rasanya. ya Allah, mintak2 bukan jadi president. tak larat nak buat keje..


fathanah said...

dasat la,,dpt jadi pres,,so pe line-up baru??

nazrin syafiq said...

xlah.. x jadi pun pres.. rahimi jadi pres. saya jd su je...


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