Monday, June 6


first day of class in a new semester was as expected. nothing happens. no class. no lecturers. i thought of having a nice day nap for the whole day. but since it's the first day, so i don't expect to give a bad expectation for my lecturer. i went to at last.

Computer class. SKIPPED. Chemistry class. ATTENDED. very warm lecturer, female of course. Physics class. ATTENDED. but no lecturer came. i heard that he's quite not friendly. i don't know in what aspect, yet i hope he won't be like that for the whole semester. or else, I'M DEAD MAN!! you should know how's the feeling of a person who dislikes PHYSICS very much and he should face that kind of lecturer for 4 months... hihi..

however, we should accept people no matter how different they are. they're also human dude. the most important thing is one should not have a bad word for one's teacher.

and living in IIUM is quite hard for me, especially at the time when semester has been re-opened. obviously because i have to change my daily schedule, my katil, my daily diet.. bla.. bla..bla.. something like that. anyway, i'll get used to it eventually, like always.. haha

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