Wednesday, June 1

Jom pegang BABI!!!


wallahu a'alam...

*p/s: salam readers. from now on, I'd like to have some temporary changes to my blog. throughout this month, all posts that are to be posted will be labeled as 'my life', which means this June's posts are frankly about my personal stuff that I'd like to share.

*p/p/s: plus, I'd rather use 'AKU' or 'I' instead of 'ANA' because i got some feedback from readers that the usage of 'ANA' is kinda too formal and preferably the more 'santai' one. from these changes, I'd like to have your opinion and suggestion as readers. and because this is about personal stuff (ceh!! macam la nak post pasal cerita seluar dalam..) , so I won't share them on facebook. just keep in track with any updates. THANKS.. =)

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