Sunday, December 27

sabar je la..

ok... kita sambung citer post yg sebelum ni k...
at the time i was facing my two trials, i was tested with a common cold.. i still remembered when my body was feeling very bad. at that very moment, the h1n1 influenza was spreading all over the world. and i was suspecting myself to be infected by that particular disease. i was so worried. only Allah knows how badly my feeling was. until up to a moment, i was thinking of death and i couldn't meet my family anymore. it was very bad at the time. i tried to calm down myself but futile. the warm of my forehead, even my entire body was worsening. but i know, Allah knew what had happened to me.. that night, ust khir (warden) came into the surau and made an announcement. "for those who are not feeling well, please proceed to warden's office now," Allah had saved me.
i went to the warden's office and i waited for a van to take me (actually there were few students also worried about their health) to HUKM. i had to obey the procedures of the hospital that wanted us, especially the pesakit luar to fill in some forms, which i think i took time for us to have our consultation. as all know, the environment at general hospital, particularly at night was very busy.. with patients here and there, it made my head going to explode, suited to me condition at that time.. waiting for my turn to meet the doctor was another 'world' problem 4 me.. what the heaven would i do in waiting 4 my turn.. it was ages men!!! i recited istighfar and tried to have patient in mine..
i met the doctor after AN HOUR of waiting.. i was declared as okay by her.. i proceeded to the exit as i saw my parent outside the room.. Allah, thank you 4 giving me such a full-of-love parent in this world.. we were calming each other and not worrying 4 my condition.. the left after about half an hour later..
as i reached school, we were asked to stay at a dorm...or in the other word, WE WERE QUARANTINED... God!!! i am going to take my trial exam bout less than 72 hours yet.. o Allah, please grant me with patient... how i am going to sit for my trial if i was quarantined in a dorm, without any contact with outside world.. without books.. fuhh!!! it was really a big test 4 me.. but i redha with what HE had planned 4 me... HE knows everything.. there should be hikmah 4 what HE planned 4 all mankinds... i juz tawakal and redha..

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