Monday, January 4

benda baru berlaku...

i think it is not too late to wish all a happy new year.. hope to be in the year 2010 will be a bless to all mankind, particularly to all spm 2009 candidates whom they will be waiting 4 their spm result to come out..
as the 2009 passed by us, all the memories will, insya ALLAH eternally saved in minds. the memories are very important to man who loves to appreciate his experiences with friends. without such kind of memories, man couldn't move forward. i am not saying that if we want to succeed in our life, we need to look what was in the past. just take a glance to those memories and remember them, so that it can be a motivation to us.. okay, enough with the lecturing part.. (hehe)
the moment of this story was making me realize that i am moving forward towards my future.. there was one night when i was on my way home from penang 4 a family vacation, my phone received an sms from akmal(ASiS). he was asking me whether i got the khazanah scholarship or not.. how on earth would i know.. i was offline 4 about a week. then, i asked him the same question he asked me.. he said that he got the scholarship.. he told me check out my email.. though i was in the car that time, i knew that my gadget could help me..MY PHONE.. i checked it out. i was totally dumbfounded to know that i was chosen to attend the khazanah nasional scholarship interview.. my heart shouted out loudly.. alhamdulillah.. ALLAH still give HIS giving tough i had done so many things that i am not supposed to do.. and currently, i am working on it... i am preparing for my interview. who knows i might be the one of the few selected scholars.. my head is playing with some of common questions that might be asked.. so i prepare as much as i can to face the interviewers.. i want to tell the world that i can grab this opportunity in my life.. i beg the doa from all people around me..
besides the important interview, i am now also preparing for my driving license test. before this, i had attended the 5-hour course in segambut. it was sincerely boring at the first 10 minutes.. but, when it came to the teacher, it was totally fun.. though he was quite strict, but i used to it.. the course was over in a very short time. i couldn't feel that course was 5 hours.. it was like 2 hours or what..
i thanked to ALLAH 4 giving me such a indefinite-value giving.. alhamdulillah..

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