Sunday, January 10

apple VS Kaabah

actually i've received this image from my mother through e-mail since mid year of 2009. i was called to carry the responsibility to spread this shocking news. for some people, they might know this matter earlier. but, here i would like to view some of my points.

this photo is not a new sky-scraper being built in the middle of a city. but, it is a prove of a bad intention to ruin Islam.
"In the business area of MID TOWN MAN HATTAN in New York, a new BAR is opened in the name of APPLE MECCA which is familiar to KAABA MAKKAH This bar will be used for supply of VINE and Drinks. The Muslims of New York are pressurizing Government of USA to not open this BAR"
this is the caption of the uploaded photo. the government of united state of america had permitted the "irresponsible party" to build a new bar with similar shape to Kaaba in mecca for vine and drinks. this is another kind of an insult towards Islam. i could guaranteed that the government is not so stupid to not knowing that the shape of the bar is similar to Kaaba in Mecca and i am sure that they still have the sanity to think that this could cause the objection from the Muslims community. the muslims of the town are fighting for the case. this is about the dignity of Islam and we as the pillars should strengthening it.

how could a holy place be similar to a place for selling filthy drinks and vine??? i think, everybody in the world could consider rationally about it. and why the shape? why do not they build a sky-scraper building of the bar? isn't that could make they proud for what they have? this is purposely done to jeopardize and to weaken the Islam spirit. plus, this is to influence others to hate and insult Islam. but, we, as muslims will never ever follow and consent what they do to Islam.

"orang yahudi dan nasrani tidak akan merelai kamu selagi kamu tidak mengikut apa yang mereka kehendaki"

"kami tidak akan (sekali-kali) menyembah apa yang kamu sembah" (al-kafirun:2)

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