Friday, January 15

sirih pulang ke gagang..

i visited my beloved school, ASiS located in cheras today. actually, i was thinking that a great school like ASiS should have its own publicity, by means it should be commercialized by the jabatan pendidikan kl.. such as having its own sign board to the school or maybe should make a detail selection for its intake like any great academic institutions.. i am not telling that the intake to the school is not through a detail selection.. what i mean is, choose the best students to be put in the school. because i think that ASiS has its own potential to be the best school in Malaysia. it suits to the name of ASiS as the best school in federal territory of kuala lumpur. so, from my visits, i saw many changes the school has now, like more learning facilities were built and so on. actually, i went there to accompany my friend, syazwan razali whom he stayed at school for couples of days to finish some works in regards to the school magazine. another shocking news was badru mustaqiim was there. then i was like "what on earth are you doing here???" . he explained to me that he was working there with the dining hall since the students were there from the first day of schooling. he did some mopping, sweeping, cleaning, etc.. i saluted him for his hard works in gaining some money. no pain no gain, men...

i took a "tour" there, at my own school with syazwan as my "tour guide".. actually, it was quite funny to go for a walk at your own school, as if like you are outsiders or what.. then, we were meeting some teachers, especially the most-beloved-teacher-of-all, ust khirrudin.. he's still like the old one.. nothing changed. just that, i went to ASiS by wearing my jeans and t-shirt.. then, when i approached him, he uttered, "saya tak kenal, awak..." i was shocked. i knew that he was joking. he, then continued, "saya hanya kenal OASiS yang pakai baju tuck in dalam seluar je.. yg tak pakai jeans.. hehehe..," i got what he meant. he always wanted his ex-students to be smart and tidy. like always, ASiS is the place where to mould the world class leaders..

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