Friday, January 8

rentetan isu hangat

today, another hot issue was aroused.. all because of the hot current topic regarding the usage of ALLAH'S name among the non-muslims... i was at masjid sultan salahuddin, shah alam this afternoon to perform my solat jumaat.. i admit that it was my first time to perform my solat there. it is a huge mosque i have ever been before. but, that was not the issue. the issue was.. there was groups of non-gevernment organisations (NGOs) such as PERKIM, ABIM, PEPIAS and so on... they been there for collecting signatures on the petition regarding the objection of using the kalimah ALLAH among the non-muslim.. i was there with my friend helping them to collect the jemaah's signatures.. for god sake, it was a quite hard work todo. but, if what i do is in the name of Islam and ALLAH, i bare to sacrifice my own life.

after the one hour hard working, we stopped for a while to perform our solat. actually, it was a quite challenging task for me to "promote" something to people. people may have their own perspective on the issue. so, my job was to attract them to understand what actually had happened in this situation. they must know that this issue was not a playful one because the petition is about to be handed to the palace to be seen by the sultan. Perlembagaan Malaysia had stated that the sultan and kings have the right to protect the dignity of Islam and Malay society. so, from the petition, we had succeeded to collect about a thousand signs from various background of people. from elderly to the small one. all united to second this matter.

after the solat jumaat, we continued our task till the end. after 10 minutes interval, all of the jemaah were asked to assemble at the hall for a speech about the issue. all the panels were so enthusiastic when giving up their speeches. i was there holding the banner in front of the crowd. the panels were explaining on why this issue had to be aroused and why the kalimah shouldn't be used by the non-muslims. it is actually, that it was not wrong if they wanted to use it, but we should be alerted if there is MAYBE a misuse the kalimah. and other points were as the same as in my previous post.

there was one more thing. two churches were set on fire today. this was a bad sign to the society, especially during this time. the issue of the kalimah had no way to be settled yet, all of a sudden, another bad thing added some "spices" to the matter. for me, it was a VERY VERY VERY unreasonable action to be taken. i realized that the MUSLIMS were angry about this issue, but the "irresponsible party" should not make the situation to be a very bad one. this will make the society to accuse the Muslims to be responsible for that. i am not accusing anybody and i am not making any suspicion on any particulars. it just that, the Principe of war in Islam had stated that the places for worshiping are totally forbidden to be destroy. so, any person who did this that should take the responsibilities for what had happened.

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