Wednesday, January 6

nama ALLAH: patutkah atau tidak?

when i was looking through this matter for a couple of minutes, i grinned to myself.. my heart said, "another trick by the Christian to jeopardize the Muslims faith,"
from ever before, the Christian had done so many things, including by spreading tricky "viruses" to ruin every Muslim aqidah.. as we could see now, there are protesting for their right in the name of the PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA which stated that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. so, they took this opportunity to utter an idea of using the kalimah "ALLAH" in the magazine Herald - The Catholic weekly..
ya ma'asyara muslimun, we are actually nearly to be defeated by the christian in this case when the court had decided to give the permission of using the kalimah (which actually judged by a non-muslim judge). the religion matter shouldn't be brought in civil court, plus it is judged by a non-Muslim which has no relationship and no nothing about Islam.. and all the decision will prone the Christian, and that's for sure.. because civil court judging by following the law of people, not the law of religion.
so, where is our position in placing Islam as the main religion in Malaysia??
the magazine party said that they wanted to use the kalimah for education to people towards Christianity. doesn't that sound weird when you are using others "property" for your own sake????
let me give some explanation... the concept of God in Islam and the concept of God in Christian are two different things.. there is a wide gap between them..
firstly, Islam emphasize its followers to believe to the ONE GOD, which is ALLAH.. there is no more than that.. plus ALLAH is the only one who admin this world, no kids and no parents.. this is what we called as TAUHID...
secondly, in Christian, they have the so-called "rukun iman" which consist of the concept of TRINITY.. trinity means that the Christian believe in three gods... they believe that God is the father of Jesus, and Jesus is the son of the God...
thirdly, are they both same??? in any way also, they will never be the same... Islam proved that ALLAH is the only one in the HOLY QURAN, in the verses in al-ikhlas:3,
"Dia (ALLAH) tidak beranak dan tidak diperanakkan"..

and now... again, are they both same??? so, why is it the magazine wanted so much until this has to be brought to the court just to use the word unless they have something that have been "planned" before... we should realize that it will instantly destroy the aqidah of the Muslims and all at once confusing the society... so, go for jihad and gain some tarbiyah in yourselves..(including me.. :])

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