Tuesday, January 5

awas! akhirat di depan..

what is our first impression when looking at this sign?? confused? scared? or maybe we feel nothing. you cannot see this on any road of any part of the earth. i am not saying that we need to ignore this thing, but we have to take a deeper look at this sign..
it is stated there, "awas, akhirat di depan!!!". what can we understand from that??
in this fana' world, we are nothing except for being like a musafir or traveler.. we have our destination to go for, everyones have too.. but the question that might someone asked, "are we prepared enough or are we confident enough to go there???" we are actually too far drifted from the right path. in this modernistic world, we are exposed to many kinds of bad things that might interrupted our mind, and all at once drag us to do maksiat to ALLAH S.W.T. For some people, thinking about akhirat are far from their world of hedonism. and they know nothing about what to do to face the Judgement day.. don't we ever have a thought to consider some part of our mind and time to muhasabah ourselves... every living things in this world must face the death. it's compulsory and that's for sure. it is stated in the Holy Quran, "qullu nafsin zaaiqatul maut"
people might think, "oh.. i am still young and i have to enjoy my day.. death?? that can be put aside first," if such thing ever arouse in our mind, i advice you to recite istighfar for a couple of minutes.. pay all of your attention to God to seek for HIS forgiveness..
i'll give you a situation and take a lesson from it.. there is a man who wanted to enjoy his young life and repent during his old days.. he went to night club almost everyday. there, he consumed some alcoholic stuff, stick around with chicks, etc..etc.. and all of a sudden, he got a heart attack and instantly he died.. could he manage to repent??? could he manage to reach his old days to sit on the sejadah and to pay all of his attention to RABBUL JALIL??? he failed..
are we want to follow his way of life or better one??? i am not asking you to do nothing but to perform solat and fasting every minute of you life.. you just have to balance your duniawi and ukhrawi matters.. if we intended to do any work for ALLAH, the work will ibadah for us..

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