Sunday, November 7

Duit Kene Catu..


When it comes to money matter, I’m totally out of mind. I admit I can’t spend my money wisely sometimes, yet. Crazy into buying things though you don’t have enough pennies is not really actually a big matter. Some people could simply ask their mom and dad for more, but that is so not me.

Being a growing and maturing guy insists me to become more independent and less being parent-depend person. Though I have problems involving monetary aspect, parent is not the first one to know that. It sounds kind of weird, right?? Haha... I like to manage my money myself and plan what and where should I spend it to.

And when my mom asks me “duit cukup x??” “cukup..” not simply lying to her, but I don’t want my parent worry about me. I know them better. I know how they feel and think when their eldest son in a kind of money crisis. So, I think that’s the better way to handle my problem. Plus, it is the time for me to not being ‘bawah ketiak mak’ anymore. Haha... it seems like I have to manage myself in any sort of life’s aspects. I have thought about this long time before. IF (nauzubillah min zalik) I could never see them again, on which shoulder should I put my head on. Right?? They will never be by your side forever. The time will come when they and you get separated.

So, let’s back to the topic. My duit kena catu for this fortnight. I’m so run out of money. I think I should have dinner only for a day for this period. Lunch?? by looking at my time table which is quite pack for this semester, hmm.. It seems like lunch is not a necessity anymore.. haha... actually, I used to it when I was in high secondary schooling and also in last semester. Plus, I can definitely reduce some of my unnecessary ‘assets’ in my body. Hihi.. It’s life. Not all things you want will go to you, life is not that easy. Some tadhiyyah (scarifications) should be applied...

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