Sunday, July 18

life in CFS IIUM

After a long period of time I have not come up with English posting, now I would consider once. Actually, it is quite unfair for me for not posting English post as I had done that several times before, when I was trying to tame in with the world of blogging. Recalling to what I have said in one of my post before, I made up my mind to separate my post into two categories, which actually regarding the medium of language I would use in every posting. Bahasa Melayu would be used to describe on posting about dakwah and any Islam-related post. Else are in English.

As I reach here, I would like to narrate on my life in CFS IIUM. For about this nearly two months living in IIUM, I could feel slight changes in myself, which I will keep to myself a secret. (Not to be told here. =p) many things I gained here, especially on my experience with new friends and new surroundings. And it adds to my pages of my life when we got united within a month. It did not same as my life in ASiS at all. It took me few months to adapt in the new atmosphere at ASiS. Well, I will start with my story when I was checking on my JPA-scholarship result. The result was for Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (PIDN). As I was continuing typing in my IC num and password into the column provided, my other roommates started to come to me asking permission to check for theirs.

One of them named Hakim was shrieking out loudly as he saw his name stated there, “congratulations, you are selected to pursue your study on JPA twinning program in pharmacy”.. Something likes that-lah. As i got PIDN scholarship in pharmacy at IIUM. It does not matter where you are studying, what the most important now is to work hard on the studies.

Then, after two weeks (if I am not mistaken), Hakim left us for INTEC. Few days before that, the other roommate left us without letting us know. He left us safe and sound. Now, 8 of us remain. It was quite quiet back then after they left. We used to have “laughed out loud” together. Hmmmm.. On 19th June, it was Rashid’s birthday (roommate). So, we planned to have a big prank for him. Jazmi and I were the masterminds for the “programme”. It was planned like this.

Jazmi took Rashid to walk about the mahallah (college) while the others and I were preparing for the big plan inside the room. We were preparing a pail of air sabun to “wash” Rashid off. Earlier, I bought a whole cake of Secret Recipe’s Blackforest cake for him. So, when we all in the room done with our preparation, it is the time for Jazmi to make his move. He brought Rashid to our room. Inside, Wan, Amirrul and I were very ready for any might-happened incidence to be captured and recorded by our hi-tech cell phones. And our big man, Rahimi was ready with the pail of air sabun facing the angle of which the door will be opened by the victim. KCIIKKK... ‘dia datang...’ I said. Everybody was ready in position. One... two... three.. BUSSHHHHHH!!! The air sabun spilled out. Laughter came to fill the atmosphere. Everyone was laughing. Rashid managed to run away from away and avoid the air sabun. Rahimi chased after him. They were running along the corridor. It was so funny. At the end, we together mopped the floor. If you see us at that time, one thing you would think is.. “e’eh.. ada cleaner baru..” hehe...

There are many other things happened within this yet short-period life in IIUM. Other pranks are about similar to the prank for Rashid, except for some add-ons to the planning for new victims. Our targets are mainly birthday boys and any lucky boy (of course only to our known friend only). Till then, I will continue my story in my next post. Chill... =)

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