Saturday, September 18


ok.. let's make this simple. i'm going back to IIUM after maghrib. suppose, i am going back to IIUM tomorrow. since my father had no off day for tomorrow (sunday), so, like or not, i've to go. actually, i don't really mind about that. my roommates are already there, so i just have to go on with my life there la..

it's not really bad actually to go back 24 hours earlier to hostel. in fact, i could spend my time more on studying + sleeping + facebook-ing... haha.. fine la, 60% on studying. the final exam is just around the corner and i have to prepare myself 110% for this exam.. ya ma.. kalau x, macam mana mau jadi pharmacist.. i know, xkan la pass exam kali ni terus jadi pharmacist kan, but it is of the process la..

dengan my preparation yg rasenyer x smp 50% lg nih, can i make it for this exam???? arghhh!!!


o Allah, help me!!! T.T

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