Thursday, September 30

tamat sudah ini semester

actually, i just want to say this..

"it's holiday~~~"

hihi.. .The first semester has just finished. And I ended it by enjoying myself together with my roommates (rahimi, jazmi, ridhwan, amirrul, syafiq) at Genting Highlands. we overnight-ed there. we had so much fun there though some unexpected incidences happened. haha.. that part, i'll keep them secret.

bende ni sebenarnyer da lama kitorang plan. since after mid sem exam lagi. just that, final decision we made was during the final exam. abis je last paper, we bentang bajet for the vacation. accommodation +fun+foods+transportation= rm150.. ok what.. at KL sentral, we had problem on transportation. the bus to genting was at 12 noon. i looked at the time.. 7.50 am.. hoho.. i'll never wait for that long. what a waste of time. suddenly, there was a taxi driver offering us to genting for rm90.. what!!! da lari bajet ni. then, he uttered his hujah. i agreed with his points, about wasting of time waiting there...

after a short discussion, we agreed. memang kene sembelih la pagi tuh.. xpe2. genting punyer pasal.. haha.. reached there, we bought tickets and checked-in into a hotel room... (thanks to an uncle giving us his 2 tickets for rm40 each..). we played all day long. yet, solat tetap solat. da solat baru boleh main, kan??? we bought all park 1 day unlimited pass.. that day memang kitorang jadi budak2 la.. hihi.. all played except fun kart (hujan time nih..T.T) and kids punyer games..

finished with the outdoor, we continued with the indoor one. hihi.. thanks to the unlimited pass. we played all day and night. orang kata tu, keluar la sume ilmu bio ngan chem.. hihi.. the next day, we balik at 12 n00n. sampai CFS at 3.30, if i've not mistaken. here are some photos (sorry for the quality of the pics..)

so, next trip??? wait n see..


aRinarRe said...

ni laa senang jadi a guy. gerak sana sini parents sure bagi -.- btw, taking a cab to genting was wohoo. idea BIJAK. hahaha. why didnt you guys go to one utama and take a bus from there?

nazrin syafiq said...

actually, ni pon last minute punyer plan. x expect lak bas pukul 12. kalau ikut jadual, ade je bas pukul 9 or 10.. tp holiday punyer pasal, redah je la.. hhihi

jimie1402 said...

"some unexpected incidences"
keep it secret! ;)

jimie1402 said...

nway, bot yg korg maen kat air tu actually for kids only. Thats y ade had berat n tinggi. ;)

nazrin syafiq said...

xpe jaz.. aku paham perasaan ko time uh.. hahaha


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