Tuesday, June 12



It's been a while since my last update on my blog. I'm currently working as a full time cashier at Parkson and now hardly to get online and get my blog updated. My semester break of 3-month period really get my head bored if I were to stay at home unemployed. So, it's better for me to get myself a job and earn some money for living.. (as if like I'm living my life all by myself.. LOL)

So, if I have a time, by any chance, I'll get this thing updated with new topics. Till then...

notakaki : Tetibe la kan nak speaking memalam buta ni. Macam la terer BI sangat. Sorry la kalau BI terabur.. haha


adanesz said...

tahniah... la abg cashier.. nanti sy pergi parkson... belanja tau.. hi3..

Nazrin Syafiq said...

jemput la dtg.. belanja xde hal.. tp time gaji boleh la.. haha


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