Monday, June 1


it had been so long i didn't hang out with my frenz... today, arghh!! it released as i grab da victory 2 take a walk with my old fren, siti.. (not gf ok) she quite talkative 4 some people, but 4 me she's very warm..

quite boring doing da same thing everyday
  • watching tv
  • sleeping
  • eating

  • studying

then, i got a message from her asking me for a hand to help in her study (of course add maths).. then i juz on with it.. set after zohor at selayang mall..


i prepared myself as if like i'm gonna hv a date.. set after zohor, i dashed to my cubicle (had some business first), bathed then i took along my calculator (of course la nak ajar org add maths xkan nak bw sempoa plak!!) and a pen... i walk n walk n walk, then suddenly i bumped into her, riding a bike.. she told me that bapak hazirah had passed away.. i was so dumbfounded to know that.. shit man,, y no 1 tell me the news.. i teared u know.. actually, i can't hear all the berita kematian, especially about my closed frenz.. i wondering if i lost my parents (choyy.. touchwood), how i'm gonna survive!!! sob..sob.. hazirah kan iz my ..... closed fren.. i pity on her. CONDELENCES!!

ct told me that she malas 2 study today.. so i juz hang out with her.. i offered her to play bowling.. she so shy2 cat.. i forced 2 play, then surrender.. we play 2 games.. she won 4 both.. nevermind, juz play 4 fun.. we boraking throughout the game (4 da whole day actually).. then she ajak me 2 summit square.. i juz follow her, suddenly it's raining heavily.. we terpaksa tumpang teduh at a carwash. xkan we nak tunggu until rain reda, so ask 4 anything 2 cover our head, so they gave us da window cover.. so we walk to summit IN RAINING!!

there we had tawaf all over the place.. borak about her school life, my life, sutdy life.. if no aral melintang, 2morrow i'll go mengajar her... what a sweet day!!!

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