Saturday, June 6


today i'll go to kedah to attend a kenduri kahwin... actually whose kenduri kahwin. but people always said rezeki jgn ditolak. makan free ma... hmm... my mum said that after the ceremony, we'll go melancong-ing, but still don't know where to go..

hey, i now had became a member of, i always dreaming of being a member of islamic society on the net.. dream comes true.. there was a post asking about which one is better, sbp or mrsm?.. there is a student of mrsm telling like a bedtime story about mrsm.. telling from top to bottom only good things bout mrsm... then, i replied to the post, i told him (like a bedtime story also) about sbp... of course la, i pertahankan sbp coz i'm an sbp student..

but 4 me, sbp and mrsm is equal.. no more, no less.. like an equation la plak.. SBP=MRSM,

by the way, i want to finish all my h/work first, then i start my revision... yela, trial nak dekat ma.. dlm bulan 8 kan???? tp, rase malas la plak... but, i remember my teacher told me that, if you not putting any efforts on ur study or anyting in ur life, u'll go NO WHERE!!!!

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