Monday, June 22

sports day in ASiS

fuhh... finally it had ended. the school's sport's day had finished yesterday... the day was very tiring.. i just jump onto my bed as i reached school... but it worth 4 two trophies and 4 hampers me and my team won.

the first one was trophy 4 best marching cadet commanded by me.. (everyone knows that i'm the school's best platun leader..:p) it was very hard actually coz i had to go through bundles of difficulties.... problems came simultaneously... never stop. but i knew that it should be something 4 me to grab 4.. i had problem with my platun where there were not enough people to join the KRS platun. other platun had already set their platun ready and enough and i was like, "what the hell is happening rite now?" but never mind, i knew i can do the best.. and at last, with not enough people, but strong and the best platun had won the war.. hahahahaha...(alhamdulillah..)

the second trophy was 4 the victory of my sport's house, TEMENGGONG. i also gave my idea 4 the marching team in forming formation and cheers... actually, it was quite hard 4 me to teach them coz they were not having the spirit of victory that all students of TEMENGGONG house should have... we won 4 the best marching and perfoming team... but we lost to SYAHBANDAR, coz they won 4 the best sports house... not much different between the marks of bot sports houses... aroung 19 marks only..

whatever it is, i proved to everyone that i can conduct team platuns at the same time and won the competition...

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