Monday, May 23

Ahlan Wasahlan ila UIA


first of all, i would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new going-to-be students of al-Jami'ah al-Islamiyyah al-'Alamiyyah Maliziyya a.k.a International Islamic University Malaysia whom will be starting to register at IIUM PJ campus this 28th of May. after my blog is hit by few 'customers' on the post Taaruf Week, so i feel like I wanna talk something about it.

nothing much to say. it's just short, brief welcome and reminder notes i would like to give. campus life isn't much easier than the life outside there. don't expect to have nice nap on a bed of roses here. and i believe, same goes to other colleges too. not to scare you, but it more or less the matter of facts i'd to emphasize. yet, no worries guys. the special things about IIUM is that the seniors here are very warm and better than you've ever expected to be in college life.

and of course, people might have their own first thought about studying at IIUM just by hearing its name. ARABIC LANGUAGE. students always have their stomach full of butterflies when thinking of this thing. and again, NO WORRIES guys. it isn't a thing that you have to worry much. it won't kill you obviously. you just have to pass it though. but, it maybe once in a life time opportunity to learn arabic right?? so, give your best to get flying color's mark.

p/s: tak masuk CGPA pun arab ni. kene lulus je. kalau fail, kene repeat ok.

i know it's the first time for you to live the campus life by yourself (unless you have once by any chance). i had gone through the feeling too when i first stepped into the university. and believe me, i was way more nervous when thinking of how i would survive in this new place. but come to think of that, the experience values more expensive than thoughts. just carry on what you are having. so, keep that in mind ok?? and for those who are frustrated to get IIUM to further their studies, think on the positive side. Allah had made it the best for you. REMEMBER!! Allah didn't give you what you want, but He gave you what you need.

i think that's all i wanna say. nothing much. i don't involve in TaWe (Taaruf Week) 2011/2012. so, hope to see you newbies there after TaWe. and also hope to see my juniors from ASiS too. always give your best shot in everything you do for the sake of Islam, people and yourself.

p/s: sorry for my poor english. or better called as Manglish. haha.. macam mana la nak ambil MUET ni?? haish..

wallahu a'alam..

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