Monday, August 19

The Story of Egypt (for dummies)


The coup then had done many violations of human right and terrorism. The true Egypt leader, Dr Morsi was overthrown by the defence minister, As-Sisi laknatullah. And the people was demonstrating for the sake of Dr Morsi because he was a very good leader who cared for his religion.

The demonstration led to a war between the civilian who do not have any sophisticated machineries against the 'government'. The massacre happened in a place named Rabi'ah. It was an indescribable event. The people was killed by their government. 

In light of the heartbreaking event, the prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayip Erdogan has launched the symbol of peace and perseverance.

May Allah bless him. 

So, what's our role? 

Pray people, PRAY!!

We are not armed, what more of having gut to fight. Right here right now, we pray for the peace of Egypt. May Allah grants the people of Egypt whom they fight for the Deen, with Jannah. May Allah strengthen them. Amiin

notakaki: At least you should know why and who you are praying for. 

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