Wednesday, February 23

Semester 2 : Khalas..


setelah 4 bulan dalam sem 2 ni, akhirnya habis juga. semester ni, ana ambil subjek bahasa Arab, Basic Themes of Al-Quran (BTQ), Mathematics 1 dan Physics 1. so, generally, through out the semester i've enjoyed my days, wish to say, better than the last one. because this time, i had totally new, busy, hard, and all sorts of, experiences which i would not get from my past schooling years.

let's begin with the opening of the semester. classes-tutorials-quizzes-exams.. haha.. that's all i can remember (which are not listed as my secret..=p). then, after few weeks i guess, bro azhar offered me to join this one committee group named Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC). yes, mahallah is the term used in UIA instead of college.

at first, i was quite uncertain with the offer because at my first thought, this MRC is like another committee that 'jaga' the mahallah and maybe organizes some small events for the students to participate. plus, they're offering me this as to replace the former MRC member. so, i thought it maybe just like a waste of time (actually, before i come to UIA, i set in my mind that i shouldn't get my life busy with any organizations, councils, etc..) yet, i re-think-ed of it and at last, i accepted the offer. and it's not like what i thought. imagine, three big events to be done in one time. fuuuuhhhhh!!!

done with that. then, towards the end of semester, busy with books and notes. EXAM!! generally, the exams were DA*NED HARD.. =( the arabic is quite hard also though we are required to only PASS the exam with minimum mark 50 (plus the carry mark). and the BTQ is an OK-LAH.. just the essay part, two quranic arguments to refute Darwin's theory.. haha.. that's quite hard. you know why?? cause i don't even touch that part..

Maths.. hmm.. entahlah. tawakkal je la. for me, it's so hard. i made my calculation and the result is::: i was CONFIRMED to lose 3O marks out of 100.. =( physics, my 'favourite' subject. haha. OK-LAH.. just the soalan je yang banyak. overall, OK-LAH...

so, this time. i didn't join my roommates for room's vacation. they went to Melaka with rent car. tak kisahlah, yang penting diorang enjoy (walaupun ada incidents yang pelik berlaku..haha..) i think that's all. and sorry for my English. or i can say Manglish. hihi.. dah lama tak tulis dalam English.. macam mana lah nak ambil MUET nnti..

wallahu a'alam..


nini rahman said...

ye2 la paper susah. nnti score jugak kan.jeles aku.HAHAH

feyna said...

wei.yg ats tu aku tau.HAHAH.gne account kwn aku.sbb tu lah.haha

:::KHALIFATULLAH::: said...

salamun alaik..
alhmdulillah...syukur..oo sonok dah hbis exam.huhu
lame dah x komen kt sudut pandangan ni..papepun best of luck in your life..dakwah no 1 study bukan no 2 right?hmm bile masuk uia gombak?

nazrin syafiq said...

wassalam liana. sronok gak la exam da abis. insyaAllah.. eh, bukan masuk gombak la. masuk uia kuantan. semua science stream kene masuk kuantan. kat gombak slain dari science la.. insyaAllah, dalam bulan 9 tahun dpn masuk la..
feyna, siyes kental. suke suki je guna mmbr nyer acc. ish3.. aku x sehebat ko la. aku cakap benda yang nyata. siyes SUSAH kowt.. hihi

jimie1402 said...

dont talk about the incident... haha~ :P


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