Wednesday, May 19

it's a hard decision..


days to days, i'm still waiting like what only.. maybe it is not me to be selected as the one of the JPA's scholars.. but who knows.. if my name is written in the BOOK as the scholar, no one can deny it but HIM.. o ALLAH, guide me to the right path..

anyway, i've made my choice.. i'll go for UIA this saturday. maybe for some people out there it is the most stupid decision to make for your life.. they might think that i should not make up mind mind as this early as the result from JPA has not being announced yet.. but, for how long?? two or three days??? can i get that?? am i deserve that?? there are too many thoughts frolicking in my head??? arghh...

in fact, when i rethink, my decision is the best for me. cause i made it for myself and not for others. it is me who want to study, not them.. when take into account my mother's advices, there are truth in her words. i finished my upper secondary schooling years in science stream classes in a science school.. so, it suits me as science students to take pharmacy as the course to study in university.. am i right?? plus, i don't even like physics since i was in form 4. and i think, pharmacy wouldn't need physics so much to study.. fuhh.. not like engineering (as i chose engineering as my course in JPA's scholarship program) it might take most of my 4 to 5 years of study time abroad studying physics.. how can i live in such situation??

actually, i chose pharmacy and engineering before hand is because of my deep passion in chemistry (credit to mr arif saniran for teaching me chemistry for the whole 2 years of schooling in ASiS).. pharmacy of course needs a deep knowledge of chemistry in making medications and engineering, on the other side, hmmm... i prefer to work as a chemical engineer.. yet, i have to take my physics together.. imagine, an SPM leaver had made the physics result as bad as A- wants to take engineering as the course to study.. god sake.. i won't take that.. but still.. A- is not too bad i guess..

anyway, i've made up my mind.. foundation of pharmacy would be my choice.. and i've chosen it.. INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA.. here i come..

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