Friday, May 4

Happy Birthday, Edogawa Conan!


I wanna wish a happy _ _ th blast birthday to Shinchi Kudo @ Edogawa Conan. LOL. *I wish I know his real age now* Though they are only anime, they do color up my live with all the mysteries and cunning deduction. They really inspire me to do lot better in deducing and making a conclusion. *OK! I'm not a detective like him. But wish to be..*

One of the actions in Detective Conan movies : Magician in the Silver Sky

Since Kaito Kid has similar complexion with Shinichi Kudo, he always disguise as Kudo. 

I don't know why, but it seems like Detective Conan series (be it movies or TV series) have their own way of making good things. It builds up people's mind and open the eyes to world's possibilities. Anyway, GOSHO AOYAMA! You really have done your work pretty splendid. Thanks a lot. 

footnote : Detective Conan is my number ONE anime series.. =)


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