Sunday, March 4

My MUET : Sucks!


After ages, I made my come back. (fuuh!! finally). It's not that I have nothing to write, but I have no time for it. Lately, I'm quite busy with MRC thingies, kursus la, program la. Plus, mid sem exam is just around the corner, so I'd better get well-prepared for it. My target this sem : above 3.6. Achievable?? Trust yourself!

Back to the story. As I was not so preparing for the MUET, then came the MRC thingies (not blaming on that) and also the man-to-man problem. Dont think the other way around. Biasalah kan, macam you all girlz yang banyak sgt relationship problems among yourself. Same goes to the men. But kitorg laki takde la tarik rambut bagai.. LOL.

So, in that condition, I was like, "REDHA JE LA... MUET JE PONG~~" Then, came the day of MUET. OK. MUET consists of 3 papers, LISTENING, READING and WRITING. I was suck at all papers. DAMN!

First, READING. What the heck with the question paper. There're so many articles to read. Not the short-short one you know. The very fat-fat and lengthy ones they gave me. If they allocate me about 2 hours of answering, then it will be fine with me. 5 lengthy-fat-hardtodigest texts in 1.5 hours! Plus, the texts were about the cognitive la, farm-fishing la.. mengarut2 je text dia bagi aku..

Then, as i was khusyuk reading, the examiner said, "Anda ada lagi 15 minit.." Selak2, tinggal 2 text lagi. Memang terbaik la kan~~

2nd, WRITING. okla sikit sebab dah tau sikit2 cara nak jawab kan. DIINGATKAN! Itu condition before entering the hall ya...

AFTER?? It's harder than what I thought. Ye la, dah 2 tahun tak belajar BI kan.. what do you expect?? =.='

3rd, LISTENING. Ni paling sucks la. Sebab apa? Read this :

Me : ok. 3 muka surat je. tak banyak sangatla (monolog)

Examiner (in front) : ok. guys! you have to ... (bla3 briefing on general exam terms.) OK. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!

Me : ???? (I was like, 'is there any briefing on this paper for me'? )

Then after a while, came voices. ok. It's listening paper. What should I expect? Confirm2 la pasal nak test telinga pendengaran kan. Dah lah time jawab paper tu, aku macam menggagau nak cari jawapan. Kalau suara yang ladies tu kira ok lagi, boleh paham la. Dapat yang laki tu. Dah la garau, tak jelas le~~ adoyai..

Pape pong, aku redha je la. Saja je nak cerita kat korang betapa sucks nya paper MUET aku~~ =)

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